Cry, the beloved city...

Dateline: Wed 23 May 2007

It strikes me as bad form to pile on Indy after learning that we've lost the Superbore bid. The truth is, we have a lot going for us in the capital city -- Downtown is lovely, there is plenty to do and we are still possessed of old-fashioned Hoosier hospitality.

The IBJ did a great job convincing me we had a very good chance; up until I read their cover story, I really didn't think we had a prayer. But now we know the vote was close, and better luck next time.

To those who blame Jim Irsay and his past drug history: please grow up. The world is filled with successful adults who are recovering alcoholics and addicts. Irsay did us proud.

To those who cite crime as a factor in the decision-making process -- naaah, I don't buy that either. Superbore went to Detroit, so so much for that argument.

As for the gold star-woof woof award going to Walfredo Freitas for calling it -- it's all yours, Freddy. You did tell me three weeks ago that PETA and the Humane Society of America were in league against Indy because Indy is No. 1 in killing shelter dogs and cats. Maybe there's some bad karma in that. That's a Buddhist way of looking at it, anyhow.

But in the end, I'd say it all comes down to dollars: Dallas can bring in $25 mil more than Indy with its extra-capacity in seating, and that says it all.

Money talks, and money walks. Right down to Texas. Better luck next time, tho.


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