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Dateline: Mon 21 May 2007

I admit it. A couple of Dem insiders, good people both, explained it to me Sunday: the problem with the election and Beth White's poor showing can be traced back to the party chairman, Mike O'Connor.

In the past, the party chair, whether an R or a D, has taken a direct hand in organizing the party workers to get the vote out in advance of an election. In this instance, O'Connor stepped aside and let county clerk Beth White carry the whole megillah in her maiden voyage. That, as we all know, turned out to be a bad mistake.

Another source says White was very organized and on-task during a meeting of inspectors and poll workers; she had a power-point presentation, she passed out a video, she had it all together. But some people who were there apparently did not realize the seriousness of their responsibility.

Could phone calls alerting people a week in advance made a difference? Sure. Daily reminders up until election eve would have helped. Anyhow, I don't entirely rule out the union scenario; stranger things have happened. But at least within the Democrat party, it seems insiders are buying the O'Connor story and not the union power play.

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