Another one bites the dust....

Dateline: Mon 21 May 2007

Fellow blogger Joh Padgett called this afternoon to tell me Nikki Longworth has left the City Market, as in quit, fini, or possibly fired. I confirmed her departure with the woman answering the phone in the market offices; Longworth left last week. Was she tossed out? Was this part of a behind-the-scenes dispute over the way the $1.8 million renovation was being handled? There were plenty of critics inside the market who were not pleased with how their businesses had fallen off -- as much as 75 percent in some cases. And some of Longworth's ideas were good but half-baked -- like having a farmers' market store inside the facility, kind of a co-op which would cost each farmer/participant $1000 clams to join. That's a lot of chickenfeed for a farmer.

The city market nice-lady-on-the-phone said a press statement would be issued probably Tuesday morning. Ann McWilliams is handling that. I've put in a call to her. In the meantime, any thoughts as to why the market is changing horses mid-stream?


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