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Dateline: Sun 20 May 2007

Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean etc.

The Star has a reasonably thoughtful Voices point/counterpoint on the issue of the unions and the Marriott Hotel and convention center: "Should city back union votes to get bigger conventions in Indy?" The article makes no mentioin of any connection with the election primary, but it certainly documents the struggle going on between the union vs. non-union forces in Indianapolis.

I found John Stephens' arguments most compelling; he is the chair of the Informed Meetings Exchange and he documents other cities that have lost convention business or had union troubles/strikes because hotel staff was not unionized. (Which is the case in Indy -- 12th in size, first in cheapness).

Again, whether or not this ties to the election, there's a clear history of Indy and Indiana always trying to bottom-dollar everyone. But doesn't this come down to an ethical issue? How can these wealthy hotel developers deny their hotel staffs a decent wage?

My shit detector also tells me that this could in fact be tied to the election. If the unions are pissed off -- and it sounds like the leadership really is -- why wouldn't they call in their chips to embarass the Peterson administration?

I'm having lunch today with two Dem operatives who also are wonderful human beings. So maybe they'll shed some light....or maybe a call to Father Tom Fox would help. He's the Roman Catholic priest arrested earlier in the week for fighting for the workers.


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