Finally an explanation, of sorts

Dateline: Fri 18 May 2007

I have scratched my head in vain, wondering why Beth White's maiden voyage as clerk was such an unprecedented disaster in the Marion County. Who was trying to screw her up? How could so many voters be disenfranchised? Why didn't she call for help when she knew she was in hot water?

Finally, a plausible scenario is posted today on the blog indyundercover.

It's a "connect the dots" analysis, and it goes like this:

"DOT #1 - The Mayor and unions get into a big fight over the use of project labor agreements on the new hotel project. (that's the Downtown Marriott, which is in need of a $66 million transfusion).

DOT #2 - The Unions flip the Mayor the bird and tell their members to stay home on election day to send Bart a message.

DOT #3 - The Unions stay home and Beth White is screwed!

DOT #4 - The Mayor gets the message and caves, the CCC Economic development committee approves the bonding for the project with the inclusion of PLAs adding almost $18 million to the cost of the new hotel.

DOT #5 - The Mayor is now weak and his constituent groups realize they can go after him and get whatever they want."

This actually makes a lot of sense. Unions and Dems are always up each other's behinds, and in the past, that wasn't a bad thing. As a news wire editor said to me once, "How could any working man not be a Democrat?"

But Peterson wants to play it both ways; he wants the bennies of a well-heeled Ritchie Rich city but he doesn't want to take care of the worker bees -- the union men and women and the police. Anybody else think undercover has found the pot of gold with this explanation?


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