Carjack at 64th and Hoover

Dateline: Tue 15 May 2007

If all politics is local, so is all crime. Hence I was interested and upset by news, first reported by Channel 13, that a 46-year-old woman was shot at 64th and Hoover Monday during an attempted carjacking.

I formerly lived in the 75th and Hoover Road area, and before that in Meridian-Kessler and Butler-Tarkington south of there. Nobody -- Eastsiders, Northside residents, those south or west in Marion County -- should have to tolerate the level of crime now running rampant in Indy.

The carjacking was shocking because of the spin in the news; the woman resisted, and was apparently shot poitblank in the chest as a result. Police officers who were serving warrants in the apartment complex heard the gunfire and responded quickly.

However, the reporting by Channel 13 focused a lot of energy on the fact that the woman resisted and was shot as a result. The real story is that these crimes are taking place, which the Star has covered -- carjackings double over last year.

Police have made no secret of the fact that they feel overwhelmed since the police merger in Marion County. Vietnam vet era cops are bailing, taking early retirement; other officers are going for jobs in Hamilton County and elsewhere, where they believe their efforts are appreciated and they can make a difference.

Who is responsible? The mayor is in charge of public safety. He and Sheriff Frank Anderson remain MIA on this subject. Maybe Dems have a lock on the election; maybe not. Maybe it's time to take back the streets, and give them to politicians who can protect citizens.

As for the woman, she is in serious condition at Methodist Hospital. The bullet trajectory missed her heart by inches. This could have been another fatality. When will we have some genuine outrage and a campaign to clean up Indy?


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