Marion County election meltdown

Dateline: Tue 08 May 2007

What if you held an election -- and nobody came? No inspectors, anyhow. Which means closed polls, which means a punch in the face of democracy. That's what is happening in Marion County, where 200 inspectors were a no-show and 20 percent of the polls never opened. for today's primary!!!

This is a crisis in action. Here's an excerpt from the Star's story online:

"Marion County Clerk Beth White, who is overseeing her first election, said about 200 inspectors failed to pick up election materials on Monday night.

"Without an inspector, the precinct does not operate. Election officials delivered the materials to precincts starting at 4 a.m. and started recruiting new inspectors.

" 'In some cases, other poll workers did not show up, so there was no one to appoint as inspector, White said.

" 'It's not going like I hoped,' said White a Democrat. "We're having a rough morning.'"

White, a Democrat, pointed out that cutting Marion County's precincts -- more than 900 -- by a third would help. So why wasn't that done? This is more than a rough morning. White was elected to do a job, a very important job. What in God's name went wrong?


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