They run a tight ship at IMS

Dateline: Wed 02 May 2007

Blogger Joh Padgeett complained about being denied Speedway credentials, but his experience is hardly unique. A journalist/colleague writes about her take on the process last year, when she was with Gannett, which is hardly a little dog:

"I was the one to get press passes for race coverage last year for my former employer and it is no joke. I would get media passes for other events -- for my coworkers and for myself when I have covered events --but this was one of if not the most difficult to work around. They act VERY picky about who they give passes to. This may be because it is the hugest sports event in the world (or it was last I checked), which may also be why they aren't the friendliest about it, including the very strict deadline policy for applying for passes.

"I know my bosses were on me about that more than on other event passes because they may have been late in previous years before I started there. I also remember a stern lecture from the IMS people when I told them we shared the password to apply for passes online.

"As the assistant, I shared with my manager, mainly in case I quit between the time I applied for passes and the time they would need to pick them up--so that seemed reasonable to me. But I guess I should have just kept it to myself."

Her recollection confirms my memory of working in features at the Star lo these many years ago. Only a few of those big yellow laminated IMS media cards on lanyards were issued; reporters had to apply to editors to get one. Donna Mullinix was the the only person in features who had her very own -- party party party. As they used to say about the Speedway, they hold one race a year, then spend the rest of the 364 days counting the money. OK, it's not quite that exclusive anymore, but it ain't no snake pit, either.


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