Oh, Randy....

Dateline: Wed 02 May 2007

Virtual beat reporter Jim Burns unearthed this nugget from an LA Times story Monday, about the call-girl sex scandal and Randall Tobias:

"Randall L. Tobias, a deputy secretary of State and the Bush administration's 'AIDS czar,' abruptly resigned late last week after acknowledging to ABC that he had used Palfrey's service, 'but only to have gals come over to the condo to give me a massage.'

"Tobias, who oversaw global AIDS funding, was in charge of enforcing a controversial policy that required groups to sign a pledge denouncing prostitution and sex trafficking in order to receive federal HIV/AIDS prevention money."

Here's the link if you want to read the whole thing:


As for Tobias, the word on the street is that he is getting what he deserves. It's not the sexual part of this story nails him; we'd do a lot better to not get so hyped and Puritanical about such matters. But Tobias is just not a very nice guy, and every once in a while in this old world, your actions catch up with you.


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