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Dateline: Mon 26 Mar 2007

Good buddy and fellow blogger Bil Browning at Bilerico has been kicking up a pigskin ruckus regarding Tony Dungy's speech to the Indiana Family Institute, and rightly so. You know, the speech where Tony took it on the chin for the Lord and hetrosexuals in the same play, with this comment: "Indiana Family Institute is saying what the Lord says. You can take that and make your decision on which way you want to be. I'm on the Lord's side." (Meaning, he's not queer and he's not in favor of any queers getting shacked up, either).

Well, I'm on Bilerico's side, and in that spirit, here's a link to his recent post:

Browning and Bilerico have righteously led the charge; now Bil has got the media battle scars to prove it. He's also getting gobs of email, much of it from pissed off Jesus people; he's even gone so far as to be quoted in Sports Illustrated!

Obviously, somebody has to take the heat, but in my little corner of the world, all this news is so very discouraging. When will we make an end? I don't want to preach --- I'll leave that to the coach -- but it's always seemed to me that most of the trouble on this subject comes from men. Men are very threatened on this score. Well, not all of them.

I was first introduced to the concept of same-sex marriage in the early 90s. I am a Christian, and a Catholic, and a mother of three, and a grandmother, blah blah, and I admit: I could not get my head around gay marriage. But when I spoke out against it, mainly because it seemed so strange, my then 16-year-old Jesuit educated son let me know that this was the civil rights battle of his generation. He also happens to be a Christian (now) and a practicing Catholic. For him, the issue was and is tolerance, love, and acceptance. Yes, it was that simple then, and it is now. Plus, as he has said, he has kids of his own now. What if one of his boys is gay? How could he turn against his own child? I mean, what could be more obvious than that? Hello, Dick Cheney.

FYI, Bil is also responding to the fact that Coach Dungy donated $20,000 of personal stuff to the family institute for their auction. Bil is trying to raise money for the American Values Alliance website, an Indiana organization "dedicated to being a practical voice for progressive values." So check it out, too.

And as for Coach Dungy and the Colts --- may they all have gay sons.


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