Ivy Tech's corrupt process

Dateline: Fri 23 Mar 2007

Anderson businessman Thomas J. Snyder has been voted by 10 of the 14 trustees to head the huge Ivy Tech College system, but the story is far from over.

Insiders say the process was corrupt from the beginning, with Ivy Tech prez Gerald Lamkin doing everything in his power to keep the post from going to respected educator Carol D'Amico. So twisted, in fact, was the behind-the-scenes maneuvering, that references A'mico listed were never even contacted. The fix was in.

Why? Because D'Amico, hired by Lamkin and supposedly groomed to take his place, rocked the good-old-boys' boat too much. She was insistent on cleaning house in an educational system that has become far too political and is a shelter for incompetence. When key legislators are on the payroll as public relations speakers, etc., education is hardly the first priority. D'Amico would have made major changes, and Lampkin and Co. did not want that.

D'Amico reportedly has been getting supportive calls and emails from around the state, including feelers regarding other top college positions. One of those posts included the top job at Hanover College, which a headhunter had approached D'Amico about. (The job went last week to Sue DeWine of Marietta College in Ohio). A community college in Florida also has expressed an interest in hiring D'Amico.

But don't expect her to fold her tents and retreat. Lawyers are pursuing her cause regarding the process and the outcome. D'Amico has friends in high places as well, including the governor's office and the four trustees who refused to vote for Snyder.

Word is spreading about Lamkin and the type of operation he ran -- an annual vacation to Italy on the dime of the Ivy Tech Foundation, which he heads, as well as family vacations on the same account. Lamkin and his cronies showed their true colors by how D'Amico was treated as a job applicant. The story is not over yet.


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