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Dateline: Thu 15 Mar 2007

From my friend Pete Miesel, a graduate of Wabash College, formerly of Indy and now a resident of Colorado:

"BUT...just about any small upper echelon liberal arts school is going to have the trappings of a clique sheltered by parental money. Stories like the current DePauw kerfuffle aren't really THAT different than any dozen or so stories I heard about the fraternity/sorority system back in my college days. Frankly, Federal hazing laws have been largely the same in the past twenty years or so.

"I think that DePauw is possibly wasting its time convening a special

council to decide what to do about Fraternity/Sorority conduct. Every

single incident or anecdotal incident is/was already against the law. In

addition, many National Fraternal organizations have implemented into

their national charter pretty stringent rules about the treatment of

pledges. For example, several of the Nationals have implemented "instant

initiation" as a means to prevent the local chapters from doing "h*ll

weeks" and whatnot. More nationals are implementing "dry house" rules.

It's always tempting in the wake of incidents like the DZ house to

scramble and implement new rules, when it seems apparent that the lack

of enforcement of existing rules caused the problem to begin with. The

lack of a greek system at places like Notre Dame or Stanford certainly

didn't wipe out elitism or poor behavior, it just shifted it to a

different place."

I agree completely with Pete that implementing new rules is not the answer. DePauw has a history of issues with its Greek system, as other colleges have. Perhaps the real culprits are not the young people who pledge, but the adults who fail to properly oversee academic life, whether it's at Notre Dame or DePauw.


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