Happy 1 Year Ezra!

Dateline: Wed 27 Jun 2007

Ezra Holladay, also known as the "Chigman," and "Chiggie," is celebrating his one year anniversary of his birth today. He is at his home in Indianapolis, where he enjoyed a nap, buttermilk cake and breastmilk. He espcially likes blowing out the candles on the cake, so much that his mama and papa are letting him do it twice: last night, and again today.

So I took time off from blogging, mainly because it took his grandparents all the friggin' day to upload this photo of him. As said before, "This blog breaks for grandsons."

And yes, I know it is stupid, self-indulgent and in bad form to show off Ezzie, like he's a prize pig at the State Fair. Winston Churchill, the great man, addressed this when someone asked him, "Have I shown you pictures of my children?"

"No, and I want you to know that fact has not gone unappreciated," the PM replied.

But this isn't Winston's blog. So for one day, a break from politics, journalism, sex and whatever other fleas of life bedevil us. Instead,a message for an innocent and sweet little boy: "May His light shine upon you and give you peace."

Nothing wrong with that.


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