911 calls

Dateline: Mon 25 Jun 2007

Altho the Star's database posting of city-county employee salaries seems a little redundant, The Star's database site nonetheless has worthwhile options.

Mark Nichols runs this show, and he's as talented as they come. "All data is dirty," he says on the website, which is refreshingly honest. By that he means (I think) that you are seeing raw numbers without context, and the potential for errors is built-in.

That said, the Star's 911 service is brilliant. You can call up indystar.com, go to the database portal, and see the 911 cop runs that have taken place in the last 30 minutes. It's pretty easy to note that the crime is still trending on the Eastside, central city and Near Northside.

But what about a service that shows how long it takes for police to respond to a reported crime or a crime in progress? My buddy Walfredo Freitas had to wait 90 minutes for an officer to show, after he reported a burglary at his Near Eastside home. This is not good. Maybe the Star could report response times?


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