Channel 6 reports on the troubles at Clarian

Dateline: Sun 24 Jun 2007

Some angry employees in the Clarian medical network (Methodist, IU and Riley hospitals) have taken their concerns about strict new health regulations to Channel 6.

Here's the report by Rafael Sanchez that aired Friday. This is from the Indianapolis' TV station's web site:

"Workers at some of the best-known hospitals in Indianapolis may soon have to pay if they don't measure up to their employer's health standards.

"Starting in January, Clarian Health employees who use Clarian's medical insurance will pay a "health risk charge" -- $5 per paycheck -- if they smoke, Call 6 for Help's Rafael Sanchez reported Friday.

"Also, in 2009, Clarian workers will submit to health screenings that will take weight, cholesterol and blood pressure into account. People deemed to have issues in these areas will pay higher insurance premiums, Sanchez reported.


"Clarian's hospitals are Methodist Hospital, Riley Hospital for Children and the Indiana University Medical Center.

"Sheriee Ladd, Clarian's senior vice president of human resources, said the move is being made partly because of rising costs associated with paying for employees' health care."

Sanchez also talked to a labor lawyer who said what we already know: employers in this "fire-at-will" state pretty much have the upper hand to decree what they want. I still say there may be a civil rights violation here. That, obviously, is what many workers also believe.


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