Moody Meats, Indyrats and Indiana Living Green

Dateline: Sat 23 Jun 2007

And why shouldn't Indiana be known for its quality fresh foods, including its City Market downtown? We're climbing on a road to wellness here, albeit it's a bit of a haul.

Among the signs of the times: Moody Meats has arrived at the City Market, and Susan Gillie of has written her weekly Unfood Food Column about the venture. The Montgomery County-based butcher is going big city. Please read her article at indyrats. While you're there, please check the other fine articles, especially those by the enterprising Nick Hedrick, the future face of journalism.

Another exciting new venture is Indiana Living Green, which is available at some groceries and also online:

The magazine's focus is sustainable living. The first issue is chock full of good things, including a piece about Indiana farmers' markets by Gillie. Congratulations to Jo Ellen Meyers Sharp, the editor of the venture and a longtime organic gardening columnist at the Indianapolis Star, and to Lynn Jenkins, the publisher.


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