I wish my daddy was in Congress....

Dateline: Fri 22 Jun 2007

But he's dead.

Dan Burton, however, is not, and the fact that he has paid $144,000 to his daughter over the past six years for her role as a campaign staffer raises valid questions about his ethics and even his "common sense."

The Star is on the case, and rightly so. But as today's editorial points out, 44 other members, including some Dems (!), "also employ or pay fees to their relatives."

Burton, however, has also paid his brother Woody for "vehicle repairs, insurance and other services" over a four-year period -- $5,600.

Frankly, it makes the congressman look like a dweeb. But then he has had a long ride and he's gotten his hands dirty more than once lately -- his choosing a golf trip over voting in Congress and by making his flashy, expensive trips to Taiwan with a boatload of people. He begs questions.

But what is more curious is that the Star is taking on Danny boy with such enthusiasm. Wonder if Russ Pulliam will leap to Burton's defense over the weekend? Wonder what he really thinks?

But it doesn't matter. And on this call, I say the Star is right. Burton, outta there.


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