More on the Star's circulation: will the real numbers please stand up?

Dateline: Thu 21 Jun 2007

When Gannett bought Central Newspapers in 2000, it issued a cheery "Welcome to the Family" internal e-mail that August, written by senior vp for news Phil Currie. He included circulation figures for the Indianapolis Star (and other acquisitions) at that time.

According to Currie, "The Indianapolis Star, Indianapolis, Ind. -- a.m., 240,309 daily, 372,600 Sunday. Tim Franklin is executive editor/vice president."

Hmmm. Today the Gannett website claims the Indy Star has 252,387 daily readers and 356,995 Sunday.

I don't believe a word Gannett says, of course, but the continual claim from the brass at 307 N. Penn that circulation is growing seems to be challenged by their own figures. Obviously, even by Gannett's calculations, Sunday circulation is down from 2000. Understandably, since there is absolutely nothing to read in the Sunday paper. It's pure fluff and feather-lite.

And by no means does the Star have 300,000 daily subscribers and 500,000 Sunday -- as I was told by a classified clerk during a phone conversation last week.

Lies, damn lies and circulation numbers.


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