Another hit at the Star...and freedom for one more soul

Dateline: Thu 21 Jun 2007

Candace Johnson is the latest to announce plans to leave the Death Star. She has labored as an assistant editor in "My Life/Custom Content," which is what Barbara Henry and her gnarly crew now call the old features department. Bad title, kids. You really tipped your hand on that one.

Candace is, by some counts, No. 177 to depart since Gannett came in. She ran several key sections: Healthy Living, Home and Garden and Travel and Home in IndySunday.

The exodus inspired a state legislator to come up with the catchy line, "Where have all the flowers gone?" He was referring to the continual loss of so many talented people, reporters he knew well -- Joe Gelarden etc. Actually, a Star employee suggested we do a "where are they now?" roundup. So look for that soon, coming to these pages.

As for Candace, well done, good and faithful journalist. Now go out and have a life!


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