Where is RiShawn Biddle?

Dateline: Wed 20 Jun 2007

Used to be, you couldn't get the Star's lone black Libertarian writer in the former editorial department to shut up. Now, he's noticeably silent and absent. No Expresso opinions since sometime in late May; no soundbites on IPS and the dress code or truancy or pea shake houses or anything else.

Oops, did we just say the magic word? Did the duck come down? If Biddle has tangled with the city's black establishment in print -- and he's been a tiny bit of a critic -- no doubt he's been muzzled. Never let it be said that the paper's bosses would choose strong opinion or a lowly reporter over their perception of the city's elite.

Lotsa luck RiShawn. And fill us in. If you can still talk, that is.


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