Some comments from cops on Dobkins

Dateline: Wed 20 Jun 2007

Here are some of the comments showing up on IndyUndecover regarding the busting down of Bettye Dobkins, a cop's cop. None of the writers here -- I am presuming they are all police officers -- raises questions about Dobkins' sexuality but they tell it like it is when it comes to politics:

"What is going on with a department that takes an officer like Maj. Dobkins and rat holes her?"


"She really pissed them off. They put her where she has no contact with anyone. Enjoy the vacation, because we respect you. Tell spears and cliff to take the blackberry and shove it where the sun don't shine.

And on a final note:

"Bettye made the mistake of saying what she meant, even though it was true. How dare she bad mouth such a fine administration and point out the incredible mismanagement this administration is involved in. How dare she speak the truth!!

"Wake up people....slowly ALL major and important positions are being filled by County officers. Spears and Cliffy better watch out. We should start a pool to see which one will be first to go and when...

"Bettye, thanks for the years of dedication and service, enjoyed working with you."

Here's the line to the always spirited indyundercover, if you want to check it out yourself:


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