Joey Dayan takes City Market

Dateline: Wed 20 Jun 2007

City Market is a diamond in the rough, but not everyone in Indianapolis, including former managers, has understood its potential.

Now along comes Joseph Dayan to take over as executive director, reports Tom Spalding at the Star.

Dayan knows the restaurant business; he's run various operations, including his own catering concern. He's a fine cook. At one point in his career, he prepared meals for Evan Bayh and the family when Bayh was governor. He's also run restaurants on the Northside and in Union Station.

He has the world vision to make City Market the class act it should be. He also comes from a family that appreciates the market's historical significance in the city. "City Market was a destination spot," said his mom, my good friend Marcia Dayan, recalling the days she was "schlepped there" as a child by her mother. "There was one man who made fresh horseradish. There was an Italian stand, and Libby's Deli. It was great."

The Star reports that Dayan graduated from Brebeuf Preparatory School and DePauw University, where, his mom says, he studied finance.

Congrats to Dayan, who started his new job Monday.


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