IndyUndercover: special deputy is canned after blogging

Dateline: Tue 19 Jun 2007

Here's the latest from IndyUndercover:

The pro-police blog has been writing about a special deputy with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, who lost his job after speaking out about officer shortages in a posting on the pro-police blog. The deputy was on Abdul's talk radio show today, 1430-AM, to tell his side of it. Here's what IndyUndercover wrote:

"Rick Skirvin, the former special deputy who was fired for posting on this blog on his own time and his own computer. He told Abdul that he was investigated by internal affairs and (IMPD deputy chief) Kerry Forestal told him he was being fired. This guy was only paid $5 a year and spoke fluent Spanish. He was dedicated and the type of officer we need. These bastards in charge of us can't catch an arsonist or carjacker, but they can spend time and valuable resources chasing after part-time employees."

IndyUndercover's words are harsh, but they are right on -- the administration seems incapable of putting forth the effort to genuinely fight growing crime in the city, but, in typical. thin-skinned, paranoid fashion, it goes after a critic who no doubt made a valuable contribution.

For some time now, some of us in the incestuous BlogWorld have speculated about the true identity of IndyUndercover. I've pretty much decided that Abdul has a hand in it; the voice is his. But maybe not. At any rate, when the city retaliates like this after an employee simply speaks his mind, one understands why IndyUndercover is undercover.

Good luck to Skirvin and the force of fine officers on our streets. God bless them every one.


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