Bloomington Alternative in Crothersville

Dateline: Mon 18 Jun 2007

Doing the job that once upon a time the Star or TV would have taken up, the Bloomington Alternative's Denise Travers is reporting from Crothersville on the beating murder of Aaron Hall.

From what I've read, Travers is doing a credible job getting inside the head of the small town: its dejected young people, its dying-on-the-vine atmosphere. She is talking, she says, to friends and family of Aaron Hall's in an effort to give us an impression of what happened, why he was killed.

It's worth a read. I always liked and supported the Bloomington Alternative; as a reporter, I was always grateful for its oft-grating voice. In that sense, nothing has changed.

But in the old days, the Star also would have covered this story, which may be the case that forces the state to adopt hate crimes legislation.


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