Andrea Neal on crime in Indy

Dateline: Wed 13 Jun 2007

Andrea Neal has a thoughtful editorial column in today's Star, talking about the increase in crime in Indianapolis and making a veiled pitch for GOP mayoral candidate Greg Ballard.

She counters the argument typically expressed by Dems --- that crime is up nation-wide, so why should Indianapolis be spared? In other words, what the capital city is experiencing is simply part of a U.S. trend.

But Neal says: "What's surprising is that Indy's 8 percent crime increase has landed us in the company of much bigger cities like New York, Chicago and Philadelphia."

South Bend, she says, is the only other Indiana city to experience a rise in crime.

Underlying the figures is the structure of the new Indianapolis police force -- the mayor is not in charge of public safety anymore, the sheriff is. She quotes Ballard as urging the mayor to go the the state Legislature and get a new law, stating that the mayor of Indianapolis runs the public safety show.

Neal notes that Peterson was not available for comment for her column.

She also quotes Indiana Unversity criminal justice professor, Harold Pepinsky, who says he's a skeptic about reported crime hikes and instead wants politicians to focus on "issues" that affect everyone. "Four people out of 800,000?" he tells Neal. "It's still virtually certain you wouldn't have been killed in Indianapolis this week."

This is where liberal logic falls to pieces for me -- as well as liberal values. If libs are the compassionate half of the country, why wouldn't they have empathy for crime victims? Where is their "for whom the bell tolls" and "there but for the grace of God, go I"?

The callous attitude that the majority of folks are not affected, so who cares, makes no sense whatsoever. But then neither does the fact that the Star's "new" editorial policies are so wishy-washy and misguided that one day you have uber-lib/oldtime Dem Ken Bode on the far column of the left side of the page, and the next week the conservative Ms. Neal is in the same slot.

Too bad the Star sees all this as just filling space, because the issues Neal raises are significant and deserve an even stronger editorial stand by the paper.


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