Jack Trudeau scores

Dateline: Tue 12 Jun 2007

Robert Annis of the Star is reporting that Jack Trudeau has denied serving alcohol to teen-age guests at the recent Park Tudor graduation party he and his wife hosted at their Zionsville home.

And I believe him. Based, of course, on my own experience.

Here is what Trudeau said in a statement:

"'My wife and I would like to say thanks to all our supporters,'' he said. " ... Contrary to characterizations of the events, we were not hosting an underage drinking party. We were cooperative and helpful in every matter.'''

"He added that the party had been intended as nothing more than a 'fun get-together' for graduating students at Park Tudor." The police report, according to the Star, confirms that Trudeau said at the time he had provided no alcohol.

So the little angels sneaked the booze in themselves. As I said before, punish the kids, not Mr. T. But is it really that big a deal? The kids were not driving; nobody was even taken to the hospital for alcohol poisoning, for Godsake. This was a non-event, and shame on zealous Boone County law authorities for being all over it. The media also gets a black eye for sensationalizing it at every step of the way.

As for Trudeau, he also gets a touchdown for integrity. He refused to turn a list of guests over to the cops.

Now, let's drop the charges and get on with what is really important in life. It ain't this matter.


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