Indiana men to go metrosexual, Hoosier style

Dateline: Tue 12 Jun 2007

The Indianapolis Business Journal is reporting that a Fishers couple will be opening the equivalent of man spas in Indiana.

Here's the link as well as the story:

"A Fishers couple has bought the franchise rights to open boxing-themed men-only hair salons in Indiana. The Texas-based franchise chain, called Knockouts Haircuts for Men, provides haircuts, message therapy, manicures and hair waxing by female stylists wearing boxing uniforms.

"The couple, Alan and Marena Boyton, are expected to open their first stores late this year."

OK, Hoosiers don't want the sort of Manhattan salons that cater to true urban metrosexuals, with gay music and piercings and everyone wearing those funky tiny eyeglasses etc.

But a Hooters-style setup where real guys can get their locks shorn and their goatees waxed, all the while looking at women in boxing shorts, sounds, well, like it just might appeal to a certain sort of Hoosiersexual.


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