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Dateline: Tue 12 Jun 2007

Fedup Hoosier is one of the street prophet/bloggers writing for the Daily Kos, and today raises an excellent question about the brutal beating death of Aaron Hall of Crothersville.

Why no mainstream media coverage of this case?

Here's the windup from Fedup:

"Two young men in Jackson County Indiana said they were so freaked out when 'propositioned' by Aaron Hall on April 12th, that they proceeded to beat the 100 pound, 5'4 man for hours, using their fists, boots, dragging him down a staircase while his head slammed into each step, and then throwing him in a ditch and leaving. Aaron managed to crawl out of the ditch and out into a nearby field, where he died, alone and naked.

"Sound familiar? A bit like the story of Matthew Shephard? Then why no coverage outside of Jackson County, Indiana?"

Fedup notes that so far only bloggers have been on the bandwagon, outside of the Jackson County paper. The little local press has done a credible job.

Blogger/attorney Gary Welsh of Advance Indiana has been pushing hard for widespread attention about this case, which is notable for its sheer brutality. Welsh argues that Indiana is one of only five states in the nation without hate-crime legislation, and that Aaron Hall's vicious and prolonged beating has all the hallmarks of a hate crime.

This is an important story at several levels, but not enough people know about it. So why is it that some traumatic events capture the imagination of the public, and others do not? The word is reporters. If the state's largest paper wasn't run as a business to fatten stockholders' accounts, it might have enough reporters to get the news.


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