Super sexy geek in the Star?

Dateline: Mon 11 Jun 2007

The word is that geeky sexpot David Colby, ousted by WellPoint because of his complicated Big Love life, was featured with girlfriend No. 3 in the Star's engagements a while back.

I'm going to dig thru some old papers, but I have to say, it sounds right. This tidbit may explain why the Star got the jump on the story, altho that in no way shortchanges the fine reporting skills of Star writers Jeff Swiatek and David Lee, who broke the story.

A theory posited: the best execs and most successful and relentless businessmen are those who were rejected by girls during their formative years, largely because they were perceived as socially awkward losers. They got turned down by so many young women that something hardened in their male psyches and they became determined, as adults, to "make it." So they did.

Steve Hilbert? David Colby? Anybody else come to mind?


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