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Dateline: Mon 11 Jun 2007

It's great to see the post on Polis Politics today about the fouled-up Marion County primary. The info shows that not all is forgiven and forgotten. Check it out:


Mr. or Ms. Polis Politics -- a mystery blogger, at least to me -- reports that Marion County Clerk Beth White's own website is littered with errors regarding elected officials, an indication that she may not be running the tightest ship.

First, as already has been reported, White could not provide news media with a list of inspectors who failed to show up at the May primary. But why should that surprise, when the clerk's own website is sloppy?

Says the blogger: "A Polis Politics review of Clerk White's website found that her list of Elected Officials in Marion County was wrought with inaccuracies, including officials no longer in office and officials listed in the wrong district, and that the list was generally unfriendly for citizens trying to get information about officials."

PP goes on to list 16 (!) pretty incredible errors from White's web page -- here are three:

"# On the first page of White's list, Connie Nass is listed as Indiana State Auditor. Her successor, Tim Berry, is also listed as State Auditor, but Nass has not been removed from the list.

"# Former Indiana State Senator Billie J. Breaux was elected as Marion County Auditor in November 2006. Her daughter, Jean D. Breaux, was appointed to her Senate seat, but Billie J. Breaux is still listed as holding both positions.

"# James Bradford is listed as District 3 City-County Councilor. He has not served since late 2006, when Ryan Vaughn succeeded him in District 3."

I am told there is an employee in White's office who, more than anyone, bears the responsibility for the fracas that was the primary. I am also told that person is still working there, despite obviously demonstrating incompetence.

C'mon, Ds, just because you're in power doesn't mean you get a free pass on screwing up. This has upset a lot of the party faithful; keep the pressure on to get to the bottom of the mess.

Also, Polis Politics gets a red, white and blue star for continuing to pursue this story. Why aren't Matt Tully and Mary Beth Schneider at the Star digging deeper? Brendan O'Shaughnessy at the Star, so far, has been the only one to provide any real information.

But I forget: reporters are stretched thin. And knowing Star management, they probably want to give the D's a pass, too.


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