Gay Pride, way to go

Dateline: Mon 11 Jun 2007

Bloggers at Bilerico, Advance Indiana and Taking Down Words have commented on the success of the Gay Pride parade in Indy on Saturday. Some crowd estimates were at 30,000 -- a healthy turnout.

With all the doom and gloom spreading over Indy -- fires, crime, raising taxes -- it's really great to know that the Pride event remains a big and growing hit.

Older son Andrew has vowed to take his little boys Gabriel and Ezzie to the parade one of these years, because he believes gay rights are the fight of his generation; son Zera and wife Parn have attended and enjoyed seeing friends. I am intrigued by a comment heard a couple weeks ago on NPR; a young gay man commented that as society continues to become more supportive of gay men and women -- as they are permitted to marry and have children -- he felt that he personally was becoming normal, "that guy," the one who mows the lawn on the weekend and takes the kids to the church picnic. I hope so, but I also am grateful that gays continue to be "out there" blazing the trails for social justice.


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