Hats off to the English teachers of the world

Dateline: Fri 08 Jun 2007

Surely every reporter has gotten a call from a retired English teacher, correcting a grammatical faux pas that made its way into a story.

"Sleepytime editor" was the New York Times reference to such errors.

But the Star seems to be piling up an especially big hit list these days, and it appears the retired English teachers have given up.

Here is the teaser that ran all day yesterday in an on-line story about Indiana's schools:

"Are Indiana schools passing or failing? It depends on who you ask

Critics say wide gap in federal and state test scores reflects states'

low expectations."

Even I know that the correct usage is WHOM you ask. Apparently nobody in the overburdened online services took note, and English teachers obviously have moved on....

Thanks to the alert reader who sent this my way. 'Tis a small thiing, but the devil is in the details.


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