Dennis, you're killing me....

Dateline: Wed 06 Jun 2007

So the Star's newspaper Guild says the paper is down to 202 employees, and Dennis "Can't Count" Ryerson has the gall to claim:

"And by the way, our staffing level is at around 260, about the same as it was when I came here four years ago.'"

That's from the Indianapolis Business Journal's online edition, which had the following update today:

There's no disputing the math. Ryerson is counting every warm body he can claim, including part-timers, correspondents, free-lancers, or whatever else the slave-drivers are calling the hard-working men and women hired on contract to do the jobs left vacant by a parade of reporters' departures. Is he counting the sentimental slobs who send in pix of their cats and dogs as well? Or all those flaks whose press releases are rewritten?

Today's online IBJ also quoted longtime Star staff writer Abe Aamidor, a Guild representative, discussing the paper's decision this week to rid itself of a business section:

"Aamidor said the union doesn't officially have a position on the move (to kill the free-standing biz section), but is concerned over personnel decreases due to staff departures.

"Aamidor called the decision a 'risky move', because the business-news consumer is a 'more sophisticated' reader who will notice the difference in presentation."

I must say, the Star's Jeff Swiatek and Daniel Lee have had a great ongoing biz/scandal story about ex-Wellpoint CFO David Colby's tangled love life -- 3 women, and 2 of them are fighting over his assets.

The talent is at the Star. What will be the death of the newspaper is its dull leadership.

But what do you expect from a guy who can't count?

Thanks for reading...(and doing your math)


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