There goes the neighborhood....

Dateline: Tue 05 Jun 2007

Now that he's back home again after ordering one too many pizza pies in Washington, D.C., Randall "I never had sex with that woman" Tobias and his wife Marianne are building a new residence in Carmel.

What, the huge refurbished brick manse at 7100 N. Meridian isn't big enough for the empty nesters, what with its indoor swimming pool, elegant music room and two-story fish tank? Obviously not. Tobias, who was Prez Bush's pharm-go guy on AIDS, admitted to using the services of a prostitution ring in D.C., but insists he never got anything more than a massage job -- "it was just like ordering a pizza," he told the press. Now that that scandal has more or less blown over, he and Marianne are heading to West 106th Street, just a hop-skip-and-a-jump down from the exclusive Laurelwood gated community. They're building new digs there.

They'll have plenty of richie Carmel neighbors, of course. Laurelwood is home to Steve and Tomisue Hilbert, Indianapolis Monthly editor/queen Deb Paul and her attorney husband and -- very soon --- the Guv and Mrs. Daniels.

By and by, Susan Guyett reported in the Star today that Tobias has been named a Living Legend by the Indiana Historical Society.

But then ALL rich people are living legends. Which is why they make such good press.


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