Bury my heart at wounded Star....

Dateline: Tue 05 Jun 2007

This just in from the latest newsletter from the Guild at the Indianapolis Star:

"We're fortunate to have had no enforced layoffs. However, between the

last pay period of 2003 and the last pay period of 2006, the Guild

lost 51 covered positions. The hard numbers: 253 vs. 202, according

to our own analysis. Just in the newsroom, the Star dropped from 215

full-time in '03 to 175 full-time staffers in '06 covered by the

contract, one reason you now see so many correspondents and editors'

(!) bylines in the Star. True, there are 14 Ledger/Topics staffers

who were added to the Star Media Group, but in '07 we have seen at

least 9 departures (Staci Hupp, Paul Bird, Kimiko Martinez, Terre

Dawson, Skip Berry, Kevin Corcoran, Lisa Renze-Rhodes, Rich Miller

and now Ted Kim). With no replacements in sight (Neither

journalismjobs.com or Gannett.com's careers site lists any

info-center openings for Indy.) The Guild is NOT requesting

additional jobs, just that Gannett do the right thing and -- at

minimum -- fill openings in the Star left vacant by '07 departures.

The Indy Star readers will be better served and, bottom line, isn't

that what's at stake?"

Oh, woe. As someone who loves the paper noted, the staff still is also expected to do so much MORE with less -- blog, write and edit more publications, get stories online as soon as possible, take pix, do videos.

My favorite line in this newsletter: "The Guild is (requesting) just that Gannett do the right thing." That's like asking Hitler to turn off the ovens.


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