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Dateline: Fri 01 Jun 2007

Pal Peter Miesel, formerly of Indy and now in Colorado, sends the following disturbing excerpt from the May 31 Editor and Publisher. Pete unearthed this nugget on the ever-vigilant Taking Down Words today; little Miss Wagner just seems to have a thing about the press.

Here's the excerpt from an article in E&P about Gannett's new Information Center, or the area formerly known as the Newsroom:

"Star Editor Dennis Ryerson admits that the increased Web approach means some things are not covered anymore, or at least not as heavily.

" 'There are some sectors we are not covering as well as we'd like to," he says. 'Accountability reporting, city and county government. Right now, our editors are so busy feeding the daily elephant, they do not have the time to think of those deeper stories that we would like.'"

Here is Pete's commentary on the above, sent to Dennis the Menace:

"Gee, yet you burbled on and on in print about IndyPaws. Guess that means Fido and Fluffy are more important than Monroe Gray, the murder rate, and the city sewer system. Sure, sure, sure you'll cite your circulation as evidence that nothing is wrong. But if I want to know the full story about Marion county government, I want to see it in the Star. If I want fluffy celebrity reporting or incoherent blogger ramblings, I'll read People Magazine and log on to MySpace. Priorities, Dennis, priorities."

All I can add is that I've seen editors' bylines on stories recently -- Blair Claflin and Allen Greenberg have both been presssed into the reporting ranks. These are some hard times...and all for the sake of money. There was a day when journalism used to mean something. Not at Gannett.

On another note, already sounded: If the Star was the paper Ryerson likes to pretend it is, there would have been a major story about the primary election foul-up. There are talented reporters there who could dig and get the story. But as Pete says, everyone is too busy promoing Fido and Fluffy....


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