More trouble at 307 ....

Dateline: Fri 01 Jun 2007

Here is another excerpt from the Editor and Publisher piece about newspapers trying to do more with less, published May 31 and written by Joe Strupp:

"Judy Wolf, a copy editor and guild treasurer at The Indianapolis Star, says it's just a matter of time before some major mistake gets through at her paper, with the increased demand on front-line editors who are dwindling in number. 'They are trying to make everyone think about filing for the Web first, trying to increase the number of new filings each day,' she says. 'We have to cut back on time to read things in the way they should be read. It is only for the grace of God that we haven't been snake-bitten.'"

Then there are those of us who remember the Irwin Mueller error in the paper a few weeks ago. That would be J. Irwin Miller.

Here is what a reader wrote me about that one:

"Did you happen to see the 5/15 editorial applauding the virtues of

Indiana millionaires and their giving, expecially Bill Cook and his West

Baden work. A real typical pooh-pooh piece, slap on the back kind of

thing. Quoting from the last graph:

'. . . Above all, he has treated reinvestment in the community as a

natural and universally beneficial process rather than as calculated

nobleesse oblige for which accolades and future political considerations

must be exacted. Those may come; but they are earned. So are the

public's thanks; though the Bill Cooks, like the Irwin Muelleres and the

Eli Lillys and the rest of their exclusive tribe would insist they're

doing fine anyway."

As the reader noted, "IRWIN MUELLER????

"Out-of-town-editors may not know the difference between

Irwin Muellers and J. Irwin Miller (of Cummins/Columbus fame), but they

sure as heck should. That is a 100 percent embarrassment."

Or a snake-bite, to use Wolf's choice phrase...(In fairness, the error was corrected).


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