The facts on Clarian

Dateline: Tue 31 Jul 2007

Clarian's new policies -- if you're fat, you pay, etc. -- apply only to the employees in the city arena, thos working at Indiana University Medical Center, Methodist and Riley Hospital for Children. As I suspected, Clarian North and Clarian West are not affected.

There ARE more blacks and Hispanics in the urban triangle. Are those people really fatter than workers in the satellite clinics? Or does Clarian simply need the money to pay for its new building projects? Oh, yeah, here's an idea: "Let's make fat people pay."

Here is how it breaks down: workers with a body mass index more than 29.9 percent are charged $10 per month. You can fall into four categories: underweight, normal, overweight and obese. Shouldn't employees in the

underweight category be charged as well? They are at high risk for coronary and other life threatening diseases.

And what about all the young med students and residents with eating disorders --- yes, eating disorders. There's a cookie cutter look for young women these days; some of the women med students are purging or starving themselves to get there. So, is there an "image bias"?

It seems obvious that Clarian has overstepped its big-brother authority and cloaked it in a way to appear like a good guy. Obviously, everyone wants to be healthy, and many Hoosiers are too fat; no argument there. But coming in and willy nilly assigning blind numbers to human beings in a way to make them all "uniform" sounds like the beginnings of a good lawsuit. Age, race, body type? How many different ways can you be offended?


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