Star to readers: lend us your digital images, too

Dateline: Tue 31 Jul 2007

A graphic design artist points out that the Star not only solicits reporting from readers, it would also like readers to fill in for the photo and art staffs.

The comment from this tipster: "As a professional, I used to cringe every time a stock photo or stock illustration appeared in the paper.

"They've outdone themselves with the 'call for enties' for free photography from every Joe (Joann) Blow with a digital camera."

Thanks to those of you who commented on these trends. I think the bottom line is obvious: the Star does not want to pay reporters and artists and designers if it can get the work for free. True, newspapers have always used information from those on the scene to beef up their accounts or images. But this is different. This is wholesale begging, and now we know that the animals really are running the zoo!


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