Dale Earnhardt Jr. is a Democrat?

Dateline: Mon 30 Jul 2007

Yes, he is. Right up there with Al Gore, Wilson Allen, Michael Moore, Hillary, Jen Wagner and my friends the Vulgarians.

What's a NASCAR guy doing making contributions to the Dems, when he's in the middle of Mid-America/Tide/cloudy-sky "I'm with stoopid" country? Who knows? Who cares?

This became a mini-issue when a friend mentioned that her son was sorry Tony Stewart had won the Indy NASCAR race Sundy. But why, I said; none of us even follows racing, etc.

"He wanted Dale to win. Dale is a Democrat." Then she laughed.

This affiliation was all the buzz a couple years ago, when Earnhardt signed on to do a sports talk show with James Carville. But Dale did acknowledge, at the time, that he liked Bush, that Bush had come to races when he was governor of Texas (and wasn't killing people) and that he found Bush to be a cool guy.

But please, please, assure me, Ricky Bobby is a Republican -- isn't he?


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