But where is the compassion?

Dateline: Sun 29 Jul 2007

Dennis Ryerson's column in the Star this morning, voicing support for all the services provided by government in spite of his own huge tax hikes -- his property taxes for his off-Meridian Street home have doubled, meaning he and his wife have to pay an extra $600 a month mortgage, plus he's getting hit by that 65 percent income tax hike -- is so disengenuious it's almost criminal.

Ryerson has no children to send to the public schools he supports; he doesn't give a dime to a church in his neighborhood; and, by Guild estimates a year ago, he was raking in $400,000 with stock benefits. Now you know why Gannett wants to lay people off -- gotta keep those front offices pumped up. (And Ryerson is probably paid far less than the really top dogs).

Ryerson's wife is a highly-paid TV reporter for Channel 13. Note to hardworking government employees: when the Star published data that revealed your crummy $29,000 income, did it post its own salaries?

Above all, Ryerson shows no compassion and no understanding for what his neighbors are enduring. He voices no support for the tax protesters who held a rally a few blocks north of where he lives. He has not one word of comfort to those on fixed incomes or those families where both parents are already working, and every dollar is budgeted.

He expresses no real outrage towards the city or the current politicians who have created this mess. He's not one of the people. When he tries to pretend to be one, he insults all of us.


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