Indy Pause

Dateline: Fri 27 Jul 2007

Everytime I call up the Star's online page and see that ridiculous indypaws pitch prominently displayed where news should be, I want to bite someone.

Indypaws is a silly, dippy, self-involved, frivolous project which shows the true mentality of Gannett: silly, dippy, self-involved and frivolous.

Who cares that someone has nicknamed her puppy Fattybottom? Who cares what the parakeet said? Who cares what a cat's pet peeves are?

Again, this is why blogs and anything journalistic not associated with the G-freaks are taking over. I mean, why not just sell porn on At least it would make the stockholders some money, and that, after all, is all Gannett cares about.


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