Indiana Tea Party

Dateline: Fri 27 Jul 2007

Pissed-off Indianapolis Hoosiers will rally at the Broad Ripple/Central Avenue canal bridge at 11 a.m. Saturday. "Bring your tax assessments," says the flier. "Tea bag of assessments will be dunked in the Broad Ripple Canal."

Gary Welsh has the notice posted on his blog Advance Indiana; it was also talked about on Greg Garrison's radio show this morning, hosted by Ike Randolph. Hoosiers for Fair Taxation will sponsor the tea party, if sponser is the right word.

Meanwhile, Marion County Dem party boss and Mayor Peterson's right hand Mike O'Connor's attempt to blame the GOP for this mess is a little disconcerting. Mike held a press conference Thursday, saying if IndyWorks had been passed and Marion County government consolidated by the legislature, all would be well.

Bullfeathers. There is plenty of fault to go around on this, from the pro-business GOP-led inventory tax erasure to outdated software utilized by the assessors to turning a blind eye to this issue for years, on the part of both parties. Some of us are weary of partisan politics. Let's work together on this, please.

Meanwhile, out in Putnam, no tax protests are pending. The most radical sightings/rumblings this week are bumper stickers bearing the old favorite slogan, 'GOD IS MY CO-PILOT' and the more contemporary 'I BRAKE FOR TRAINS' and the very odd vanity license plate with the singular message OIL NATION, on a pickup truck. But are you for it or againist it, sir?

Meanwhile, almost everyone else out here, unless they are a Jew, a Communist or affiliated with DePauw University, is sporting the true blue license plates, "IN GOD WE TRUST." (To add the late great Jean Shepherd's thought, "All Others Pay Cash.")


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