Why are reporters such clothes swine?

Dateline: Fri 13 Jul 2007

I know, this is old dirt, but still...it keeps getting dug up again.

So why did Star columnist Bob Kravitz wear tattered blue jeans and flip-flops to cover the funeral of beloved IU football coach Terry Hoeppner? K-man also failed to tuck in his shirt. This was all the buzz over golf courses around Indy and beyond, within hours. You know those sports dogs; their tongues do wag.

'Tis all the more curious, since alleged dress code violations at the paper in effect pushed that wonderful little Jennifer Wagner of Taking Down Words to leave the Star, back when ex-editor Nancy Winkley was insisting everyone act like a cloistered nun: no skin, no bubbling mirth, no talking above a whisper. Wagner had style, obviously, but Kravitz' call was just plain krass.

So is any of this new news? Hardly. Many news rats have always been on the loosey-goosey side, dress-wise, right down to and including Dennis Ryerson's "see how cool I am" diamond stud in his ear. But, but, but why? Is your slip showing?

Says one old dog about Kravitz' indiscretion: "Reminds me of the day at The News when Dan Quayle was about to announce his withdrawal from the 2000 Presidential race (for reasons that have never been published, but that's a whole other story). The reporter assigned to cover the press conference had to borrow socks from another reporter!"

Reporters. Just another word for dirty hippie?


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