Those amusing Marsh boys

Dateline: Fri 13 Jul 2007

We, all of us in journalism land and beyond, love the old Marsh family grocery store chain for so many reasons. And it wasn't the frozen food, either, or all those Wednesday ads that paid the bills at the Death Star.

Among the real reasons we loved them: 1) those wonderful family "Peace on earth" Christmas cards the Marshes sent out every year, where the women all wore big red hair and the men gaudy ties with double-breasted suits and the kids had, like, thousands of dollars of dental work -- the photos were pure "invasion of the Hoosier mafia, by way of Dallas"; 2) the DUIs and the resulting driver for hire, whose job it was to make the liquor store rounds and buy the wine; 3) the lawsuits. God, the lawsuits.

Speaking of which, this bon mot from a source:

"Ex-grocers Don, Alan and Bill Marsh, who between them have

filed more suits against each other than can be imagined, all have homes

in the Naples, Fla., area.

"Wonder what is said if they pass each other in the grocery aisle?"

One can wonder indeed, considering the suggestion Don had for brother Alan, when Alan was leaving the mothership and negotiating his settlement package.

Quoth the Don: "You know, I could just have you killed, don't you?"

Ho ho.


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