Glenn Greenwald on blogs -- "that noise"

Dateline: Fri 13 Jul 2007's Glenn Greenwald is featured on the Poynter Institute today -- the whole article is worth a read, so check it out.

Greenwald's takes to task journalists who have bought into President Bush's war rhetoric; more specifically, he hammers a NYT reporter for being part of the myth-making about Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia. He's on the case, and he points out what we all know: corporate journalism is a buy-in and a sell-out, part of the tired, old, big system, right down into and including the war.

But here's the juice:

"As frustrating as it can be, this sort of day-to-day pressure on individual journalists and political figures is the most effective weapon possessed by blogs, websites and other organizations devoted to forcing into our public discourse various perspectives and narratives which are otherwise excluded. Given how energized, engaged and active blog readers are, virtually all journalists, editors, pundits and political figures now hear the criticisms launched at them, and usually hear them quite loudly."

Yep. We're "that noise."


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