Law Blog, journalist, to Star: Huh????

Dateline: Thu 05 Jul 2007

The Indiana Law Blog is curious: why would the Star post a press release online Thursday -- one that was published by the law blog almost two weeks earlier, after being issued by the governor's office?

Here is what Marcia Oddi posted on Indiana Law Blog early this morning -- sent my way by a journalist who was working the blogs early this morning, while I was in Grandmaland:

"Ind. Courts - How to explain this slip-up?

"Here, on June 22nd, the ILB published the Governor's press release on the appointment of Judge Cale Bradford to the Court of Appeals.

"Here, nearly two weeks later, the Indianapolis Star has posted the story/press release online, dated July 5, and oddly headlined 'Judge misses appeals spot.'"

The journalist who alerted me wonders if it was perchance a slow news day? Or could it possibly be, the journalist also speculates, that perhaps the Star's crowd outsourcing techniques are not working quite as planned?

All I want at this late date is an explanation of that headline: "Judge misses appeals spot."



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