Happy Birthday Gabriel!

Dateline: Tue 03 Jul 2007

Gabe Holladay is 6 years old today!!!! (My blog, my grandkids -- two birthdays within the space of a week, lucky all of us!)

He has enriched our lives in so many ways, bringing the light, humor and sweetness that only 6 year old boys possess. Among his many accomplishments: he learned to read at St. Thomas Aquinas School in kindergarten last year, and this summer he is really going to town with favorite books (hence the photo -- he's reading "Green Eggs and Ham," with his hair tied back so he can see); he is a terrific gymnast who is headed for national competition; he can draw amazingly well, with much fluidity and style, and tell stories like crazy; and, he is a loving, kind, sweet, helpful big brother, son and grandson.

He also loves fart jokes and poopy humor.

In other words, a perfect 6!


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