Gannett's information center in Editor and Publisher

Dateline: Mon 02 Jul 2007

Joe Strupp of E and P is writing about Gannett's love affair with the information center concept, data desks, and all the new lingo that signifies major change, more stories, less staff, etc. The Indianapolis Star is included in the article (look for the photo of Dennis Ryerson leading the charge).

Most of it is old-hat to insiders; perhaps most interesting are the final three graphs that address whether the gamble of eliminating the old newsroom concept in favor of web-oriented news will pay off.

Here they are:

"Keith Woods, dean of faculty at the Poynter Institute, wonders about the workload impact on staffs that are being cut. 'It is very clear that you can't have your staffing line on a down slope' while you are kicking out more news, he says.

"But Woods' Poynter colleague, media business analyst Rick Edmonds, believes it's a smart idea. 'The traditional newspaper is not a strategy that is going to sustain a company over the next few years,' he says.

"'Given Gannett's position, it is not a sure-thing strategy, but it is a strategy. There is some danger of lessening the print product when the print product is still bringing in the revenue, but it's a gamble worth taking.'"

Thanks to buddy Jim Burns for sending this article. Here is the link if you want to read more:


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