"Billy" Bradford is back

Dateline: Sun 01 Jul 2007

Christopher Lawrence of the Dupuy Institute in Virginia has uncovered yet another twist in the strange, ongoing saga of Bill Bradford, the former associate prof at the IU School of Law in Indianapolis. Bradford claimed that he was the victim of a vast left-wing law school conspiracy -- because he was an Indian who supported the war. He resigned, after several of his lies and allegations were exposed.

Lawrence worked with Bradford a number of years ago; Bradford was a young and restless intern for the institute, which provides historical military research. Without going into detail, Bradford did not stay with the institute long; he simply did not show up for work one day. But Lawrence never forgot him -- his charisma, his brains and his often outlandish claims.

This blog reported Bradford's most recent wheareabouts a few months ago. After his fall from grace here, he began studies for an MBA at the Warrington College of Business, University of Florida. That information was courtesy of retired Army Lt. Col. Keith Donnelly, an attorney who also knew Bradford from the law school and was the key to unmasking him in Indianapolis.

Now Lawrence has joined in. He found Bradford's resume online at Warrington. Here's the condensed version:

Bradford now calls himself "Billy Bradford" and is living in an apartment in Gainesville, Fla., his old stomping grounds. He completed his MBA in May. He is a "management intern," working at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, where he reports to the office of the vice president of finance. How fitting is that? Hard Rock Hotel.

His resume lists his many other credentials, some of which are still questionable. But there's no doubt that this man has many talents: he can even be found on Wikipedia, which says:

"Bradford joined the faculty of Indiana University School of Law Indianapolis in the fall of 2002 after serving in the Army Reserve. He also served at the War Gaming and Simulation Center, National Defense University, Fort McNair, Virginia, and was an advisor to Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Shalikashvili."

The latter claim is also in dispute in some circles. But at least he's no longer saying he received the Silver Star or was an Army major, as he told law school colleagues.

Here's the Billy Bradford resume link if you want to read it yourself, or call Bill and have a chat:



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